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Faith Independent Baptist Church was founded in Enterprise, Alabama in 1993 by Pastor David Harvey. In 1999 its current Pastor, Paul Alexander, was called and since then the church has grown from a couple dozen people to about 120 on Sunday mornings. We enjoy our military families, work with them, train them and wish them God-speed as they are transferred all around the world to serve God. We have dozens of former members who are now integral parts of ministries across the U.S. and in many foreign countries- paid for by the United States government!


Faith Baptist is a missions minded church. Although we only support a handful of missionaries we believe that they are God's workers and should be well-taken care of. We assist them through generous monthly support and special offerings as they have need. In addition to missions specific giving, the church "tithes" twelve percent of it's general offerings to missions too. In 2013 we took on an additional three missionaries.


Due to overflow of our current facilities, we have been looking at various avenues of expansion. In November 2012 we purchased three acres of land on which sits a house and a commercial building. After a thorough renovation, we held our first service in the new buidling on August 31, 2013 while celebrating 20 years in Enterprise!

What to ExpectService at Faith Independent Baptist Church

When you visit Faith Baptist you will be greeted at the door by our welcoming committee who will provide directions to classrooms and/or the nursery as necessary. Currently the Sunday school hour, which begins at 10 AM, is completely divided into classes- two adult classes, boys and girls teens, young boys and young girls, primaries, preschool and nursery. A nursery is also provided during the services. During the morning worship we hold a junior church worship service for children. Worship begins at 11. Expect the service to be traditional in style with hymns and the songs you may have grown up hearing. Although you should not not expect a "feel-good" sermon from our pastor, you will hear encouraging, convicting preaching that is God-centered and focuses attention on salvation and living a Godly lifestyle in all aspects of our lives.

The tone on Sunday evenings is different, yet compliments the morning worship. It is relaxed and usually includes time for the singing of favorite songs. The sermon is instructional and often interspersed with questions from the audience. On the fourth Sunday night the H.O.O.K.S. Team members meet in the classroom building. (Visit www.hooksfishingteam.com for more information).

Wednesday evening is again divided into classes for age-appropriate teaching. Master Club, Teens and two adult classes are offered. One adult class is designed specifically for people who may be younger Christians and need a strong foundation for growth.

We encourage you to visit with us this Sunday and experience the Faith Independent Baptist Church Difference!