Faith Independent Baptist Church in Enterprise, Alabama Welcomes YOU!

Faith Independent Baptist Church, Enterprise, AL


God is looking for better people, not better plans and programs. We want to help you become the kind of person God can use to make an eternal difference in our world. At Faith Independent Baptist Church in Enterprise, Alabama "Christian" is more than a label. We take daily Christ-likeness seriously.

Our standard is summed up in Philippians 1:10, "Approving things that are excellent." Faith Independent Baptist Church will challenge you toward "excellence" in your walk with Christ, your knowledge of God's Word and Spirit-filled, victorious living. We are called to be "world-changers," not conformers. This is a vision which we believe many, maybe even you, may share with us.

Our Pastor, Paul Alexander, has been serving Faith Independent Baptist since 1999. Pastor Alexander has a firm commitment that each believer should be grounded in God's principles. You can expect solid, practical, Bible-based instruction in every service that will help you to grow stronger in your daily life.

We sing the good old gospel songs and hymns, use the trustworthy King James Bible, and believe every word and teaching of Scripture is truth for today.  A few might call us "old fashioned", but some things, like the beloved gospel story, Biblical morals and values, and timeless principles for a successful family just cannot be improved upon.

Discover the difference - Make a difference at
Faith Independent Baptist Church
in Enterprise, Alabama.

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