Pastor, Why? #2: Why Do We Still Believe Those Old Stories?


Article #1 considered the reasons we believe the Bible as a whole, but what about some of those really “hard-to-swallow” Bible stories about the dawn of human history? Satan’s favorite tactic from the very beginning of time has been to cast doubt on the Bible--“You don’t really believe that do you?” (See Genesis 3:1-4.) If the first chapter of the Book is not true, how can we trust the rest of the Book? Be assured that even those earliest Biblical accounts are not only accurate, but are amply supported by reasonable evidence. Yes, we do believe in a literal six-day creation, a young Earth and a global flood because...


The world’s most influential man, Jesus, taught it

  • Jesus believed in Adam, Eve and original creation.  (Matt. 19:4)
  • Jesus believed in Noah and a global flood.

The world’s most influential book, the Bible, teaches…

  • a literal six day, twenty-four hour day creation.
  • a literal first man, Adam.   (Luke 3:38; 1 Corinthians 15:45)
  • no human death before Adam, ruling out any mixture of evolution with the Bible (“theistic evolution”).   (Romans 5:12)

Many influential and highly educated people still believe it

  • Nearly 1,000 respected doctoral-level scientists and engineers have publicly signed “A Scientific Dissent from Darwinism.”
  • Research “great Christian scientists” and discover that many of mankind’s greatest minds have also been Biblical creationists.

Common sense supports divine creation vs. random evolution                                                                                                                     

No extra-Biblical theory solves the mystery of the original source of matter, motion, information, intelligence, emotion, life, or intricate design. The Bible addresses ALL questions of origins with one rational statement, “In the beginning GOD created....” Unfortunately, man’s bias often prevents him from even considering the one possible solution that answers all the questions. It has been said that “the key that fits all the doors is the right key.” The Bible answer fits all the evidence.

Any explanation of origins lies beyond the scope of science

The basis of science is observation and experimentation--“the scientific method.” Since no humans observed the beginning, and since those primordial conditions cannot be recreated, true science can never answer the questions of origins.


Any explanation of origins requires faith, and every explanation, including evolution, is a religion that attempts to answer the three instinctive questions in the soul of each human being: Where did we come from? Why are we here, and where are we going? Evolution’s answer is, “Human beings arose as a kind of glorious cosmic accident resulting from the sequence of thousands of improbable events.”* This is not a scientific statement but a religious assumption demanding enormous faith.  [*Dr. Stephen J. Gould in his introduction to What Darwin Really Said, by Benjamin Farrington, Schocken Press, 1996]


A great deal of evidence supports a young solar system

  • Earth’s rotation is slowing and should have come to a standstill by the end of the first billion years (i.e. 3.5 billion years ago).
  • The sun is shrinking about five feet in diameter per hour.

   - 10,000 years ago the sun was ten percent larger, resulting in a much warmer climate with palm trees growing in Antarctica.  [Nature Magazine, August 2, 2012, pp. 73-77]

     - Just one million years ago the sun would have been ten times larger than it is today, boiling the oceans.

     - Twelve million years ago the sun would have been touching the earth at its current rate of shrinkage.

  • Scientists have found unfossilized dinosaur remains and fossilized human remains*--so which is really older? Research “ancient dinosaur art,” and read Job 40-41 in the Bible to discover that men and dinosaurs coexisted.   [*SmithsonianMagazine, May 2006]
  • Research Earth’s diminishing magnetic field, accumulations of ocean sediment and sea salt, moon’s distance from Earth, and the Lazarus DNA. All of these provide further evidences of a young earth.


A great deal of evidence supports a Biblical flood

  • A massive, world-wide catastrophe resulting in the extinction of the dinosaurs is accepted by virtually all scientists today.
  • Fossil formation requires large amounts of water moving quickly for rapid burial beneath thick layers of sediment--i.e. fossilization requires floods. The universal occurrence of fossils and sediment, even on mountaintops, is evidence of a flood of gigantic proportions, just like the one described in the Bible and in numerous primitive cultures.
  • A Biblical flood provides a rational explanation for all the mysteries of geology, like bent sedimentary rock layers and polystrate fossils (ex. upright petrified forests). It also explains the Ice Age and the quick extinction of countless species. Not one known fact disproves the Biblical accounts, and the Bible account solves all the questions, so why reject it?