Missionary of the Month:
Eric and Stephanie Chapman, as they plant churches, operate Bible camps and Bible institutes in Moldova, Europe as well as in Malawi, Africa.

Missions Update:
Our church’s lifetime giving to missions and evangelism has totaled $609,795 with a “2020 Vision” of $1 million.



Weekly Events

 Bible Study Classes for all ages                        Sun.         10:00 AM 

 Worship & Preaching                                        Sun.         11:00 AM

    Evening Family Service                                    Sun.           6:00 PM

    Faith Bible Institute                                          Thur.           5:30 PM

    Praise and Payer Service                                  Wed.          7:00 PM

    Master’s Club for Kids                                      Wed.          7:00 PM

    Reformers Unanimous (RU)                              Fri.             7:00 PM

    Door-to-door, Bus & New Move-in Visitation       Sat.          10:00 AM